Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Baily the bag lady.

NEED A NEW BAG?????? Of course you do!

Who doesn't want this Melody Morton Fold Over Leopard Clutch? Answer: not me. WANT IT.

Need to go hands-free? How about this then? YES!

These lovely bags are handmade by the even lovelier Sarah Baily. Don't know who she is? Read about her here. She makes the coolest bags that are super slick and will never ever go out of fashion. Perfect for Christmas (AHEM, dear husband) or y'know.... just because. Sarah also makes cushions too which are equally as cool as her bags. I'd check her out sharpish because CHRISTMAS IS A COMIN' and because they are handmade they take a little time (around 10 days) so GO GO GO. But if you cant wait then you, my sexy lot, need THIS....

Cocktails AND bags AND jewellery. Sounds like my perfect night. Happy shopping!

P.S Don't forget to support the independents this Christmas and forevermore.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

It's not a competition you jealous, bitter bitches.

It's a shame I have to write about this. Again. But it's really starting to piss me off. Again. Women are the biggest fucking bitches, evil and spiteful and vile. And I will hold my hands up... I used to bitch like the rest of them but since having Lil I've found myself bitching less and less. I don't want my daughter growing up thinking it's ok to slag other people off. I don't judge, I can honestly say that with my hand on my heart, at least 99% of the time anyway. I'm only human.

Just recently, I've noticed just how fucking awful women are. Those with kids and those without, oh yeah.... being a massive bitch doesn't stop once you squeeze a baby out of your vagina / have a child pulled from your abdomen / sign the adoption papers and finally, after a long wait, are blessed with your angel. OH NO. And those without kids don't stop bitching about those with kids either. And they hate, they are jealous and they are BITTER. WE ARE ALL FUCKING BITTER.

I mean, what's the point? We should just shut up and live our lives, whether it's the life we want or not. Only we can change things if we are unhappy but being bitter and slagging people off for the lives they have isn't very nice. SHAME ON US / YOU / THEM. And anyway, it's NOT a competition.

I have started writing a mental list (yeah that's right, a fucking list) of people I really don't want in my life anymore. I don't want them and their toxic bullshit invading my happy (most of the time), positive space. I don't like being made to feel like an idiot for the decisions I make, regardless or whether they are right or wrong. THIS IS MY LIFE / YOUR LIFE / THEIR LIFE, let me / you / them get on with it and everyone else can just do one.

Remember The Sisterhood? Remember that? Oh, you do! Remember GIRL POWER? How about us vaginas all support each others decisions / life choices and be happy for each other, no?

Let's try it.

This post was sponsored by a recent hormonal surge resulting in quite a large period of rage. Normal service will be resumed... sometime in the future.