Thursday, February 19, 2015


It takes a lot to get me raging these days unless you're my husband and you are incapable of doing the fucking washing up, that leaves me ready to lose my shit big time. But yesterday I read something about being 'mumsy' that had me scoffing in disbelief. Apparently, if we read household product reviews that makes us 'mumsy', whatever that means.

Or ten when you read crap that sets you off...

As a mum, I thought being mumsy meant being a mum. Looking after your children, limiting the amount of time your head is up your own fucking backside. My underwear being 'extremely comfortable' doesn't make me mumsy. Who even wears uncomfortable underwear these days unless you're a stripper or a massive dickhead. Comfortable can equal sexy too. Having conversations about steam mops isn't mumsy either. So some of us take pride in a clean house, SO WHAT?

Mumsy is also not the same as being a bore. We take pride in our children, we like to talk about them. What's the point in having kids if we aren't allowed to talk about them? If you'd rather talk about the new hipster joint that's just opened down the road then fine, but that doesn't make you cool. Just like us talking about household appliances doesn't mean we are bores.

Since when was it ok to slag other mums off for things that take interest in? Knitting, crocheting... I've heard people get called grannyish for doing it. It's a fucking skill and one I wish I had! Some may not think it's cool but it's not mumsy. Popping to your local deli in Hackney isn't mumsy. It's also not cool, IT'S A THING THAT YOU DO.

I googled the word 'mumsy'....

Giving an impression of dull domesticitydowdy or unfashionable.

Bahaha! What a crock of shit, who writes this crap? There is absolutely nothing dull about me cleaning my house, I crank up the music and shake my butt while dusting to Beyonce. And isn't dowdy a word that died in the early 1900's? As for unfashionable... nobody has the right to label anyone unfashionable, just because you like your black dungarees, doesn't mean everyone else who has a vagina and a baby does too. I think it's time we redefined the word...

Mumsy: Being a mum. Regardless of your opinions of household appliances or what Grazia are saying you should be wearing.

What this labelling does is make mums who like to use Pinterest or sing along to Frozen songs in their head feel like shit. We are all different and we are all mums. Let's stop bashing each other (I'm actually fucking repeating myself for the god knows what time this year) and just get on with our own lives. We are all cool because we are all doing the hardest job in the world, so let's just leave it at that.


  1. Yeah, grrr! High fives for this - not sure why we always feel the need to put each other down, we be doing a top job like you say x (ps LOL at your labels, love it)